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Atheist Community of Austin
What is Athecism?

I want to knwo what are the believes of Atheists? Do tell me in detail and send me on my email ID that is:

Atheism is simply the lack of belief in God or gods (and nothing more than that). We are unconvinced by all the evidence that we have seen (and we've actively looked at the claims.) Faith is just belief without evidence and it's nothing more than gullibility.

Many atheists are Humanists, which is a philosophy of life based on reason. For more on humanism, you can look at or

Note that and other sites that you might stumble across are a misrepresentation of Humanism created to deceive believers (i.e. the gullible).


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Join us for the Bat Cruise Lecture, 1:15pm September 27th at Trinity United Methodist Church, at 40th and Speedway. Lecturers will be Richard Carrier and Chris Johnson.

The ACA Bat Cruise is set for Saturday, September 27th, 6-8pm. Purchase tickets in advance here.

The audio and video from Dr. Shahnawaz August lecture is now available.