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Religious Discrimination

The EEOC states "Employees cannot be forced to participate -- or not participate -- in a religious activity as a condition of employment."(1), yet an add on craigslist (with email pointing to states "Qualified applicants are encouraged to reply and church membership is required upon employment."(2) and as a qualification "2. A clear testimony of their personal relationship with Jesus Christ." I was interested in the article at first (easy work) but was turned off by this and don't have the aggressiveness to pursue it any further. What do you think?

(1), 2007-04-26 (2), 2007-04-26

Oh, I flagged for prohibited, but don't think many others are going to...

Any discussion about atheism should include the obvious discrimination against the nonbeliever, but it sounds like they don't even know it exist. (There is nobody who isn't fond of a nonbelievers) - The Bill of Rights of the Texas Constitution (Article I, Section 4) allows people to be excluded from holding office on religious grounds. An official may be "excluded from holding office" if she/he does not "acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being." This form of religious intolerance is not limited to Texas. Seven other states (AR, MA, MD, NC, PA, SC and TN) all have similar exclusionary language included in their Bill of Rights, Declaration of Rights, or in the body of their constitutions. Another nice example in Texas of discrimination is the politically motivated rejection of the sales tax exemption for the Ethical Culture society of Austin.

Atheists cannot be granted conscientious objector status. Conscientious objector status is only granted to theists with a compelling belief against war and killing. There really aren't any atheists in foxholes.

Veterans of Foreign Wars: 'I believe in God' membership requirement..

The boy scouts well documented. The Boys and Girls Club clubs receive millions of dollars in government grants. The (BGCA) motto begins with "I believe in God" etc..

In the 1988 U.S. presidential campaign, Republican presidential candidate George H. W. Bush reportedly said, "I don't know that atheists should be regarded as citizens, nor should they be regarded as patriotic." In the United States, there is widespread disapproval of atheists. Those opposed to nonbeliever do discriminate There is a negative categorical bias against non-belief.

Such prejudice and discrimination is intolerance and discrimination. Those Opposed to nonbelievers are prejudice against them as individuals or groups, and is the result of religious fanaticism or bigotry. Those opposed to non-belief practice discrimination in their religions, and are opponents of secularism. The non-believer discrimination leads to stereotyping, hate, and oppression. Non-belief prejudice results in hate speech; the commissions of hate crimes, and the formation of hate groups, as well as other forms of discriminatory behavior. Widespread anti-nonbeliever discrimination attaches social stigma to freethinkers, non-believers, agnostics, etc… or those of secular beliefs, and results in an experience of social inequality. In America freedom of belief is biased towards mainstream religions, the issue is not just persecution of the nonbelievers it is also persecution of other religions in America

It seems to me that there is a lot of work to do or maybe it's easier to pretend that this is not the way things are?

What does it mean to be atheist my friend said she was one but I do not know anything about what you believe could someone please inform me? I am interested.

It's not about a belief (in something) it is about reality and knowing that what you believe is not fantasy. (investigate.) I can't speak for everyone, but I have thoroughly investigated the subject of religion starting with the ancient Sumerians. Sumerians are the ancient inhabitants of what is now Iraq is credited with inventing the cuneiform writing. The urban civilization of Mesopotamia dates back to 5,000 BC. The Sumerians were highly innovative people. Sumerian legacies include writing, irrigation, the wheel, astronomy, and literature. Sumerians were the first people known to have devised a scheme of writing, which were pictograms on clay tablets, and gradually created cuneiform writing. Mesopotamian cuneiform became the lingua franca of trade and international diplomacy. Sumerian cosmology, ethics, theology, even educational methods, passed into other societies throughout the ancient Near East. Sumerian writings passed down through the centuries leaving a permanent impression on the modern world, on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, on the first chapters of Genesis. The idea of a paradise, a garden of the gods, began with the Sumerians. Mesopotamian religion is the oldest religion recorded. That is where all religion comes from. (It is far too lengthy a subject to go into with anyone who has never studied it.) Anyone who has a true interest in finding out what the facts are should do some research. Atheist, freethinkers, agnostics …are people who know things in their brain, not in their heart. People who have taken the time to study ancient civilizations, and all the beliefs (not just one) frequently find the answers. And other people are just influenced by those who are in the business of persuading people. (For instance) Christianity is from pagan sources, Mithra being one of them. The figure of Mithra is a figure like Jesus. Mithraism was one of the major religions of the Roman Empire which was derived from the ancient Persian god of light and wisdom. The cult of Mithraism was quite prominent in ancient Rome, especially among the military. Mithra was the god of war, battle, justice, faith, and contract. According to Mithraism, Mithra was called the son of God, was born of a virgin, had disciples, was crucified, rose from the dead on the third day, atoned for the sins of mankind, and returned to heaven. Christianity borrowed its concepts from the Mithra cult.

Another example: (There are many more.) In 2001 the Los Angeles Times published an article entitled Doubting the Story of Exodus. Archeological evidence shows that the story of Exodus, as told by the Bible, never happened.

Every attempt to discredit their findings has failed. I don't care what someone believes, but to take it for granted that those who do not adopt a counterfeit belief are immoral is a joke when Christianity is the most corrupt dishonest practice on the face of the earth, and many of their followers prove it every day. (Remember I didn't ask anybody a thing!)

Atheist = one who lacks belief in god.

Beyond that, an atheist can believe/not believe whatever he/she likes. There are no further conditions upon being an atheist.

An atheist is a person who does not believe in God or deities. Atheism per se is not a belief system. Belief systems can be atheistic, but atheism refers solely to a person's lack of belief.

Many believers are not angered when somebody talks about a religion other than their own. So, these people do accept that some religions are ignorant, but not their own. The believers advertise the notion that "Gods" other than their own are not the real God. But that seems silly since God was never clear about his real identity. They all become angry when somebody says that (God does not exist.)

There are always accusation against atheists that they are immoral and callous when they bring into disrepute many things involving religion, and religious beliefs. The idea seems to be that belief is more important than finding out what the facts are, and nobody can question anything no matter how ludicrous, anti-intellectual, or anti-scientific those beliefs may be.

Obviously, it is more important to maintain a "belief system" than it is to find out if anything is nonsense. People of "faith" are always angry because you have hurt their feelings by criticizing religion. How is it that they can criticize atheists without hurting their feelings? Denunciation of atheists has gone on for centuries and is usually accompanied by the false assumption that atheists don't know very much about religion or they would be Christianized.

Those involved in belief usually spread the idea that those who do not have "faith" are living a meaningless life. These allegations are apparently designed to demonstrate that there is something wrong with atheism. I believe that these Christians want to prove those atheists are suffering while all the Christians are (happy Jesus campers.) (Early Christians were taught that they would be able to take pleasure in heaven from watching the torment of sinners in hell.) Compare the wonders of science and the joy in knowledge with a belief that would promote ignorance and unquestioning obedience.

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