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Atheist Community of Austin
\"Matt Besser (of UCB) vs God\" coming to Austin

Just passing along some info about the show, should be really funny

Matt Besser (Upright Citizens Brigade on Comedy Central, Crossballs on Comedy Central, and ASSSSCAT: Improv on Bravo) is on tour around the South West and South.

Matt Bessers latest one man show inspired by the recent developments with the Christian Right taking over politics and the and the decreasing separation between church and state. In this show he reads crazy letters from his fundamentalist grandmother and he tackles the issues over pedophile priests, Intelligent Design, the Ten Commandments, Under God in the Pledge of Allegiance, and a President who prays more than he works. This show is not for the religiously devout. Dont miss your chance to see a man talk his way into hell. This show has appeared under the alternate titles: God vs. Matt Besser, Besser In Satans Service, "John the Baptist, Matt the Atheist, Vaticant, and The Bible Belch.

Fri. Jun 2 - Austin Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek 13729 Research Blvd. Tix:$10adv 7pm Age:18+

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