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Hitchens vs Meacham: Is there a God?

I watched most of the debate/discussion on Tim Russerts CNBC interview show that featured Christopher Hitchens, author of "God is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything" and Jon Meacham, author of "American Gospel" taking on the compelling question of he ages: Is there a God?

I thought it was a good debate/disucssion (i.e. each side let the other have their say without too much talking over each other, was quite and respectful, etc.). I think Mr. Hitchens won, but that is just IMHO. They repeat these shows so I hope to catch it again.

Tim Russert's show on CNBC Sept 29, 2007 Sat. 7/10p.m. Sun. 1 a.m. ET

I saw quite a bit of this and came away with the same impression. Hitchens said pretty much what he always says; what was remarkable was that there was no attempt to treat him as a freak. Both Russert and Meacham were respectful and didn't interrupt each other. The exchange was more thought-provoking than just an attempt to provoke.


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