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Atheist Community of Austin
Celebrating Darwin Day!

*Darwin Day Flyer<br /> This little poster says "Celebrate! Diversity and the Relatedness of all Life." We're not just related to apes, we share common ancestors with all the plants and animals.<br /> [URL=] Tortoise & Finch Flyer [/URL]<br /><br /> <br /> *Build Your Own Beagle<br /> [URL=] Paper Beagle [/URL]<br /><br /> <br /> Plan your trip to the Austin Zoo; they have Galapagos tortoises!

Speaking of Darwin Day, isn't there usually some sort of freethinkers get-together at Darwin's Pub on 6th? Does anyone know more information about that?

We did that last year, I think, but to my knowledge it hasn't yet become an official annual event.<br /> <br /> The ACA Board is currently discussing the idea of making Sunday the 13th a special member's appreciation party, or something.

Why honor the dead when you can honor the living: yourselves!

Darwin cannot help you any longer you know.

No, the dead themselves can no longer help us. They are dead. However, just because a person is dead themselves, their ideas and deeds they did in life still live with us. Some things the dead have done affect us more than others (or so we think) and we tend to want to celebrate these things. Even though they don't exist anymore (just as we won't one day) it's good to know that their actions (just as ours) still affect people today. Maybe you could learn a lesson from this.

I think NobodyMan was providing a paradoy of the message of Xianity, RE: Jesus? I'm not sure--but if it's not--it's ironically akin to one. If it is, it is very funny, I think.

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