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Atheist Community of Austin
Where to live without being asked what "church" I go to

My family is relocating to Austin and are looking for a nice community to live in where we will not be ostracized for our religious beliefs (or lack thereof - lol) We were looking at places NW of Austin (Twin Creeks, Deer whatever, etc.) due to hubby's work location and a good montessori school there. Can anyone help me with whether that area is more or less likely to constantly ask me about what church I go to? I am really tired of being asked that everywhere. I am sure you understand ;-)

Shouldn't be too much of an issue in downtown Austin. Or at least it will be less of an issue. Unfortunately Texas is overrun with religion, particularly christianity. East Austin I would try to avoid.

"Where to live without being asked what "church" I go to"

Inside of one.



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