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Facebook, the Root of all Evil.


Saudi man beats daughter to death for using Facebook


A YOUNG SAUDI ARABIAN woman, from the countryâs capital, Riyadh, was beaten and then viciously murdered by her own father after being caught using the social networking site Facebook...He beat her and then shot her at point blank range, according to an al-Arabiya website report.

...The countryâs clerics warn the people time and again that Facebook and other net-working sites are the root of all evil...

Although the young woman was murdered in August, her death, which had not been reported in the West, came to light this week following the daft rantings of Saudi preacher Ali al-Maliki, one of Facebookâs most vocal critics. In an interview, the melodramatic cleric raged that "Facebook is a door to lust and young women and men are spending more on their mobile phones and the Internet than they are spending on food". He also said that women should be entirely banned from the network.... a society where it is illegal for singles to leave home alone, or choose their own romantic partners, the site seems to be answering a very basic need. Maybe even more so for the Homosexual and Lesbian Saudis who find themselves eternally trapped by the stringent religious law...


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