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Atheist Community of Austin
Moving to Austin, what should I expect?

Hey all,

I'm a member of FLASH, an AA affiliate in southern Florida. ( My roommate and I have decided we'll be spending at least the summer in Austin, and perhaps longer. He's been there before and had one hell of a time back in the late 90s/early 00s. I never have.

I'm curious about a few things, mostly (a) securing employment in the music/entertainment sector and/or as a bookkeeper and (b) the ease of transportation. I have a car, but want to get on my bicycle and public transit as much as possible.

Any chance y'all can help me out here? Any general recommendations you have for a fellow heathen in living over there?

Well first Welcome to Austin(whenever you get here.) As a life long resident of Austin I am pretty proud of my town. I think this is a great little city and would recommend it to anyone as long as your not planning to tear down some beloved piece of the town to put up another high rise condo. We've got enough of those now, no more please. Most people here are friendly and helpful, even the religous rednecks. This is a very liberal town, and very accepting of all lifestyles,(most of the time.) As for getting a job in the music field, it helps to know somebody who's already established. Make your presence know and make friends with musicans and bookers, and sound guys. I don't know a damn thing about book keeping though.

Public transportation here though is a joke, but I guess it's getting better with the addtion of the new commuter train. Living in the central part of town, would be best if you want to ride your bike, but keep in mind it's cheaper to live on the outskirts of town. They did build a new park'n'ride lot in South Austin, in the Oak Hill area where I live. I drive everywhere though.

Any other questions, feel free to ask.

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