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Mormons Vs. Black Hebrew

I saw some Mormons getting pwned by this Jesus believer on youtube and I just got to share it. I don't personally believe in the Jesus myth so I might be able to challenge some of the claims. But watching two sects debating each other about who's religious views is the true one is so helarious to me.

or google Mormons vs. Black Hebrew

I think that this would appeal to boobs, since I think it is an example of the bankruptcy in civilization we are witnessing everywhere right now. Don't they all fight each other like this over dogma in real life? There are bigger issues and struggles, which will have far more impact on everyone's lives, such as, teaching creationism as an alternative to evolution, no more Cosmos, and a lot more Jerry Springer.

I think this message board is by far more interesting because it pits knowledge and reality against superstition and ignorance, and guess which one is winning?

I agree with your evolution comment Gregory. While listening to the news tonight one of the stories jumped out at me. . I'm here visiting some friends, and I've been reading this web page a lot. The news commentary was on the five-day papal-backed conference marking the 150th anniversary of Darwin's 'On the Origin of Species' sponsored by the Vatican to discuss evolution, {in summary} the newsman commented that the position of the Catholic Church is that religion is compatible with evolution. They also said that they just wanted to clear that up because some atheists were trying to use evolution to prove that there is no God. As a matter of fact, the subject of the conference is the compatibility of evolution and creation, according to what I have read. That's what most atheists and scientists would dispute.

Christian churches were long hostile to Darwin because his theory conflicted with the literal biblical account of creation. So, it took them this long to realize that it's not? It sounds to me more like the 'Church' decided if you can't lick 'em you better join 'em. I think that the purpose of the conference is to sell the notion that faith and science have no disagreements. Especially since the consensus of opinion in academia is that evolution is a fact and a theory.

From what I have read {in summary} in several articles, which did not mention atheists, is that the aim of the conference is to re-examine the work of scientific thinkers whose revolutionary ideas challenged religious ideology. And that an astrophysicist that had been at a conference 30 years ago was going to speak. The article I read implied that he has not been one of their favorites. I think it was Stephen Hawking. Also, a Professor said that too many adversaries of Darwin had erroneously claimed that Darwin's theories were "totally incompatible with a religious vision of reality", as did champions of Intelligent Design. Three years ago advocates of Intelligent Design seized on the Pope's reference to an "intelligent project" as proof that he favored their views. The article also noted that organizers said that at first it had even been contemplated to ban Intelligent Design from the event, as "poor theology and poor science". Intelligent Design would be discussed at the fringes of the conference at the Pontifical Gregorian University, but merely as a "cultural phenomenon", rather than a scientific or theological issue.

I have read many articles on this meeting and can find nothing that suggests that atheists' trying to use evolution to prove there is no God was an issue. As anyone can see on this web page the arguments are about what evolution is or is not connected with. The creationists, in some instances, are trying to use evolution, or some component of it, to prove something about creation. For instance, DNA is sending intelligent information via a language in code. These are the kinds of arguments that atheists have had over evolution on this issue and the atheists never mentioned God. As a matter of fact the atheists commented many times that you can't prove anything about God, and that "the burden of proof is on those who make claims". Atheists don't make claims they just don't believe theists claims.

Practically everyone knows that the creationists have tried to prove evolution wrong, and when they couldn't they tried to replace evolution with the pseudoscience of Intelligent Design. While most of the rest of the clergy was either silent or ignored the issue, I don't know if it was because of cowardice or ignorance. Very few in the clergy defended evolution. Now it appears they are saying that Religious Philosophers knew about evolution long before Darwin. Even though, Hypocrites had to tell them the difference between the brain and the heart. What galls me is this; I know people who have been fighting for evolution a long time, and now these Johnny come lately's will be considered heroes.

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