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This is actually on the Jehova's Witnesses' official site:

Is it the one titled "Life Under the Control of Superstition"?

If so I read that! The irony is that a lot of us think that religion is a superstitious belief, and a lot of us think that it is the same as "the practice for which there appears to be no rational substance."

Although, it was a really good article on superstition, I think they left out a really important one.

I just read the article you mentioned. If that isn't the same thing as having a magician tell you that magic doesn't exist, or having a preacher tell you that there is no such thing as a preacher... then there is nothing else like that article, except in the minds of supersticious people telling others there is no such thing as superstition. That is, unless you consider *their* religion and their belief in God, which is anything *but* being superstitious ..."and let us tell you why."

What a crock of crap. ...and my brother is a Jehovahs witness, too.

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