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ENERGY: The Evolutionary Energy of God - Through Science

Has anyone else ever heard about this concept?

Someone told me that it could have quite possibly have been that the Big Bang happened and that, just like humans, God also evolved... although into a different form and of higher, more advanced energy. Where as, for us, we are also energy (like out thoughts are made up of energy, etc...) but God became much more advanced than we did and he did not form within a body as we are inside of. Instead, God formed from pure energy and remains that way... but with thought and a conscience, like us.

Then, over the great expansion of Time (before our time) allegedly, God became aware of "Itself"... only much sooner than we ever did. AND...

When asked, "Who are you?" God allegedly looked throughout the Universe and had nothing else to compare "itself" with and answered, "I am."

Now, how God has managed to reign over humans is such that he inserted his own energy into our realm of evolutionary development and created us in his conscious image, not in his physical image.

Allegedly, according to this notion, all religions and God believers can throw everything else they have ever known, learned or thought of about God, because allegedly, it is all wrong and old writings of the Bible were the only way to get ignorant humans to understand the principal of morals back then. It is much like trying to describe a microwave or an skyscraper to them. They just were not going to understand it. So, allegedly, God used humans to write and explain things in stupid terms until later on, like NOW, by having someone explain THIS dynamic... but it could not be explained until humans first discovered quantum physics so that science could then explain this type of dynamic existence of God (without substantiated proof ...yet)... allegedly.

And, allegedly today, this new concept of "The God of Evolving Energy" (from the Big Bang) is not a God so omniscient as once alleged, but will see an ending demise just as all living things in the universe will end.

And what about death?

Well, allegedly, Energy can neither be destroyed or created, but only transformed. So, when we die... allegedly we will transpire our own leftover energy out either into the ground as decaying debris, or eventually out into the Universe (it has to go somewhere) and we will remain self-aware, or that God can somehow "latch onto" our conscious energy, just as in the same way he inserted our conscious energy that we have today... except that after we die, our conscience will be on the new level where God's awareness is, as he knows himself to be, which is basically "I" (the universe, itself).

Allegedly, we will apparently be "one with the Universe" (much like string theory) in a total wholistic view and concept of what we can not possibly know right now, but can still grasp the concpt of, etc...

Finally, allegedly... this God is not a selfish, self-centered nor even a "magical" God. He does not control anything, except conscious energy. For what purpose or to whatever end. Also, allegedly, wars and all other things that are done "in God's name" are supposedly nothing but human propaganda born from ignorance of the original primitive message and humans have it all goofed up, including Jesus.

The concept does not allege to suggest anything about communication of consciousness. That is where I beieve the concept of this "Evolutionary God" falls short of explaining why God would not, then, choose to communicate consciously. However, many, many people already do claim that to be the case. I call it craziness, though.

The concept that I read simply maintained that we will eventually be "out there" enjoying the slpendors of the remaining billions of years of expansion throughout the universe with "The One" in total freedom and happiness with no pain because we won't have a body and that only conciousness and allegedly, love will remain. Nothing else will matter, allegedly.

(I smoke, though. It's gonna suck not being able to smoke out there! That matters to me.)

I read this in a magazine somewhere in a doctors office in Grand Rapids, MI about a year and a half ago and I didn't keep the magazine. It wasn't mine to take or keep. I can't remember the name of the magazine!

Has anyone else read this somewhere?

Has anyone else ever heard of this notion?

If so, or if not, what of it?

It is an extraordinary hypothesis. Is it relevant to anything?

Does it come anywhere near offering a tentative insight into the natural world, as in, a concept that is not yet verified but that if true would explain certain facts or phenomena?

I am an Atheist, but it sure does sound plausible to me. Yet, there is no proof.

Should it be dismissed altogether?

Extraordinary claims require extraodinary evidence.

I would appreciate any feedback on this.


Hal said, "Someone told me that it could have quite possibly have been that the Big Bang happened and that, just like humans, God also evolved... although into a different form and of higher, more advanced energy."


Hal said, "I read this in a magazine somewhere in a doctors office in Grand Rapids, MI about a year and a half ago and I didn't keep the magazine. It wasn't mine to take or keep."

Good for you Hal, but considering what doctors charge I bet they could afford to buy another one.

Does the "Transcendental argument for the existence of God" ring a bell?

Yeah... I know what I wrote. Because I did not know the name of the magazine, I did not want to mention that it was in magazine, so I started it off with "someone told me." It's semantics. The information is still the same. Go pick on someone else for the sake of picking on someone.

---Does the "Transcendental argument for the existence of God" ring a bell?---

No. Never heard of it. I just looked it up and read about it and I don't agree with it.

I'm sure doctors can afford to buy another magazine, but I am not a thief. If it isn't mine, it doesn't belong to me, I don't take it. I could almost kill a thief. I can't stand them. It would be great just to beat them with a baseball bat.

If the Big Bang theory is true then Creation is not true. There is no way to merge science and religion.

The universe is all there is or ever will be. The Universe expanded from a singularity. There is no space outside of the universe; there is no "nothingness" that the universe exists inside of. Everything is inside the singularity. We are inside the singularity. The universe is completely self-contained and not affected by anything outside itself.

Creation or Intelligent Design is not a valid "theory" that should be studied even if they say god is energy, matter or both. They also try to use "consciousness" to prove god. We couldn't name things without god giving us consciousness. When we identify things we get a picture in our mind first. What picture does god bring to mind? Nothing.

Intelligent Design is creationism trying to be scientific and failing miserably.

There is plenty of evidence that a Big Bang did occur, but there is no proof of an Intelligent Designer. Why should we accept a theory for which there is no evidence?

Also, there is abundant evidence of the spontaneous generation of life. There is zero evidence of a creator who created anything.

Belief is outside of the scientific arena altogether.

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