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Atheist Community of Austin
Atheism and politics

I am not really political but I am trying to shed my Carlinist ways and start voting. So, which party is better for atheists? I have been to both the DNC and GOP websites but have not found much on them reaching out to atheists. I thought about independents but I figure I might as well vote on a sure thing.


From political candidates, I've found that their appreciation of church-state separation is key. If they have that figured out, their religious background isn't so important. Sadly, the Constitution doesn't seem to get much play in political races. If you want some entertainment, look up the Texas republican party platform. No church-state separation there.

Many atheists are libertarians, but that doesn't mean that libertarians are strongly atheist, unfortunately. Atheists also tend to be democrats. Fewer republicans, but they exist. Most atheists I know (even republicans) are aghast at the religious right takeover of that party.

BTW, the ACA is producing a voters' guide for races in Texas. We've posed a number of questions to candidates. We'll be posting results in a week or two. If you live in Texas, you might see how your candidates weigh in.

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The ACA Lecture Series continues Sunday, October 11th at 12:15pm in the Austin History Center, 9th and Guadalupe. The building opens at noon. Texas Freedom Network's Dan Quinn will give us an update on their activities. The lecture is free and open to the public.