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Atheist Community of Austin

Mr. Baker, I can create a meme/video that will change the world but I need technological help. Also,if I do it under the "guise" of atheism,I will be arguing with the crazies all day.You cannot use the natural world to prove the supernatural.Arguing with the W.L.Craigs of the world is useless.Do religious people realize the intelligence and skill it takes for a human to not only go into space but to have the skills technologically to fix a space station?These are the same people who think the creator of this universe wrote a book about war stories and virgin mothers?


You're looking for a response from me, but I'm not sure what to say.

As for creating videos or whatever, there are many tools online as well as instructional material. Create a youtube channel or start a blog. I hope you are successful in changing the world.

Arguing with the "crazies" is not a complete waste of time. Sure, there are many people who you won't convince. Do it in front of an audience. There are many fence-sitters out there who will be nudged in the right direction by a good debate. Also, you can use these debates as a way of educating yourself. I certainly understand if these sorts of debates are not your cup of tea. They're not for everyone.

There is certainly a lot of non-thinking that goes on with religion. I certainly feel that my time as an atheist is well spent in speaking out against religious belief and all of the negative baggage that entails.

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