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Atheist Community of Austin
The Threat Of Child Indoctrination

Many religious organizations have survived the years by targeting the children of the people who attend their services, either with camps, clubs, judgment house plays, and various other ways. These activities are focused on making the child as afraid as possible of the construct of hell, and tell them that if they disbelieve the ways of God that that's were they will go for eternity. Or, if they would just accept their lord into their lives then hell is avoidable, so long as they never stray from that path (which inevitably leads to fear-mongering, and those kids doing the same to their kids and so on) How has this been overlooked for so long? Most importantly, why has this been overlooked for so long? This is an example of mental abuse in children plain and simple, they attack them with fear and false promises before they have a chance to formulate any kind of argument of the contrary. Children will almost always yield to the whims of an authority figure (Parent, Cop, Teacher, Priest, School Guest Speakers, ect.... [An adult in general] The people of these religious organizations know this as well, and have been using it as a means to ensure that their religion is passed down from generation to generation. It is sick, twisted, and ultimately unfair to the child who is born into this world without the stigma of any faith, without any guilt or shame. Then as soon as possible these organizations try to cram down their beliefs into as many children's minds as soon as possible even with the help of their own parents. Go watch videos of children indoctrination practices on the web, you can see the look of absolute shock in the childs eyes as some speaker blabbers on words of fear, ignorance, hate, and judgment on these children. Many wonder how such obvious superstitions have lasted for so long, this is how they do it. It needs to be stopped, this is cruel, and selfish, if we cant protect children from the spiteful grasp of religious dogma then who can and who will? This doesn't require the aid of the federal government, this needs to be settled within our communities, or cities, our lives, and with enough effort and time (as precious as that is) we can stifle this process and spare the minds of children everywhere to allow them to possibly see the world as we Atheists do, full of wonder, possibility, and understanding, and seek to further their minds, not hinder it. Thanks for reading through all of this, cheers.

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