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Atheist Community of Austin
Starting an atheist community

Hi. My name is James and I belong to this atheist community in South Korea ( - not that you could read anything). We started this website about a year ago and we got more than 1,500 members today. It started as a website to meet another atheists in korea, and recently we started to have offline meetings every month or so (with more than 30 regular attendees).

Since we share nothing in common, except that we don't believe in god, we have problems as to how we should go about determining the nature of this community. And recent donations we receive, we have no idea how we should spend the money on.

As far as I see on the Atheist Experience program, you guys seem to be much well organized. I'd like to know what you guys do, and your opinions on how we should go about running this atheist community.

Hi James! I somehow came to your message as I was doing a google search for something else. I don't know if you'll get it, but I found your questions about fundraising and projects to carry out to be relevant to some questions that I have. I am living in Seoul, South Korea, am a visiting professor at Korea University, and have just started a page on Face book, The Atheist Community of South Korea. The page has gotten over 100 hits so far, which is very encouraging as it shows that there are people who've come out of the closet as atheists and are willing to be seen by others under this label. I'm interested in starting a volunteer organization and am not sure what kind of volunteer-related projects to begin carrying out. If you're ever interested in meeting up to talk Atheism, feel free to get in touch with me via my Facebook page. Take care. Best, Katherine

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