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Atheist Community of Austin
Has the show turned into a politics show?

I've listened to every single podcast I can get my hands on. I generally love the show however lately I've noticed a definate liberal bent. I realize that I'm probably the only conservative atheist in the world but I'd like to know if this is going to be the norm now. In the past I never noticed any political leanings whatsoever but lately I've heard Matt and others saying things that I've heard on NPR. Bush=bad Obama=good etc....I'd just like to know if thats where this show is heading. If it is, then nice to have heard the show and now I'll never listen again. If it's just been a few shows where you guys have went off track or didn't mean to make it such a left leaning show then I'd really like to know. thanks

As a 501(c)3 organization, the ACA is barred from partisan politics. We do champion a number of issues.

Without a specific issue, it's hard to answer your question. I welcome you to point out an issue that you feel was gratuitously political.

You're welcome to listen or not listen to the show, but if your purpose in life is to only hear things you agree with, you won't finds much sympathy from us. If you disagree on an issue, please call in and interact with us.

Bush doesn't hold any public office at this time; nevertheless, most of us are just saying where have all the leaders gone? They're all bad! Is that's fair?

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