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Camp Quest Texas needs your help for 2011

Camp Quest Texas needs your help!

We have 2 specific needs at the moment:

1: Camp Counselors that can be with us the week of July 31 - August 6, 2011 2: Help evaluating possible camps for 2012

1: The first item is definitely the most urgent as it comes sooner: Because of the huge growth in interest in camp this year, we need some more counselors to help us out at camp this year. We need other volunteers as well, so if you can only make it for an hour-long session or a single full day, you are needed too, but we do still particularly need to fill a few full week-long counselor slots.

If you can manage somehow to join us for the week, we really do need your help, please fill out an application (which you can find at in the next day or two.

2: The second item is not due as soon, but is still needed pretty soon. Some of what we have learned from camp this year is that camp locations suitable for hosting camp are both rare and are reserved to the point of unavailability very rapidly.

The general methods used by camp grounds and summer camp groups are that after the camp is done, the summer camp will put up earnest money (typically about half of the expected fees for camp) to the camp facilities to reserve their chosen slot for the next year within a month of this year's camp concluding. Often that is even within a week of camp concluding.

We really tried hard last year to check out as many camps all around Texas as we could, but in the end it came down to only 2 camps that really had both the facilities we need and a reasonable week-long time-slot.

We are looking for parents or other volunteers around the state of Texas that would be willing to visit even a single potential camp-site and help us evaluate it to see if we might prefer it for 2012.

If you can, please contact me before visiting any sites (so we can try and reduce any duplication of efforts). The general items we try and consider can be checked out on the spreadsheet I've merged from the ones we made trying to pick the 2011 camp:

Even if you cannot visit a camp, if you know of a camp (particularly if it is in your area or you know some details about it), let us know since we might not know about it yet. I'll also add any camps you suggest to the map of potential camps for us to consider. The list of some of the final camps we were actively looking at is:

We have had tremendous support this year, but we do still need some more assistance in other areas to help this year succeed and also to make 2012 even better!

Thank you, Philip Kizer Generic e-mail addr:

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