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Jon Stewart

I am a regular watcher of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart", but since "The Rally for Sanity" and his latest appearances on Fox and MSNBC I have been losing respect for the man. He tries to be the reasonable or sane person in the room, but lately, especially since his rant about the American Atheists I cannot stomach the man. I do not think being an accommodationist-- let alone an appeaser to bullies, like Bill O' Reilly-- that mocks others with out clearly defending ones own position clearly is to be valued. Now, Stewart is just an uninformed clown to me. Am I the only atheist that hates when idiots like him without thinking asks " atheists, why do you give a shit". Oh, I don't know, because I am not a nihilist. Jon talks a good game but I think I prefer Bill Maher and his tact over Stewart's uncritical satire. Am I alone here?

I would love to see the video of when he attacks atheists. Being a fan of john stewart. Although im pretty sure hes an atheist (along with steve colbert)

if im wrong in thinking that then correct me. But pretty sure im right.

I imagine this is what Seth was referring to:


(I hope the link gets included this time...! If not google "Jon Stewart Atheist Cross".)

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