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The Trinity

I've never liked the doctrine of the trinity--even when I was a christian I found the doctrine confusing and detracting of any possible sacrifice that Jesus made. So I decided to look in the bible and see what support there was for the concept. And there really isn't any. Jesus doesn't actually state it. And it isn't found in the old testament. And from what I've read, passages in the new testament that seem to imply it are possible forgeries added after the Catholic church came up with it. Almost all my reading provided me with evidence against the philosophy. It's really, really a stretch to take the new testament and come up with a trifurcated deity. Three persons in one godhead would seem to mean god has multiple personality disorder of biblical proportions.

And why did protestants keep this idea when they absolved themselves of so many other catholic doctrines? Why can't Jesus be just a human that was adopted by god? Or why can't he be actually god's son, using, of course, sperm collected/copied from Adam to impregnate Mary whom he had immaculately conceived as the vessel of god's love juice?

Wouldn't a human living a perfect, sinless life and being willing to die horribly for the sake of all mankind be a rather more poignant story?

I just don't get why christians want to adhere to this idea without strong biblical support and all kinds of logical problems, to boot.

What say you?

"St." Paul's doing from what i know. Just like billions of people close their eyes to reality because of some illiterate goat herder who stole and changed massive parts of the bible, who maybe never have existed at all, billions of people blindly accepted the versions of some dude who said he knows it better.

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