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Atheist Community of Austin
@ Don Baker

how can a suppressed fact/ or thought/ or concept like "non existence of god/ or atheism" survive beyond the people who profess it?

so when u say that atheism has no dogma or tenets do u also mean that atheist movement should be left unorganized and that there should be no legal recognition to an atheist?

why are we restricting ourselfs by limiting atheism to just a "concept/ or a point of view"? how do we stop the theist from indoctrinating their kids?


We in the ACA are actively promoting atheism and church-state separation. Atheism in the US is rapidly growing and becoming more accepted.

Most atheists I know are champions of reason, evidence, scientific thinking, education, and doing what we can to tear down bad ideas. We have local groups, national groups, magazines, books, conferences and so on. It's most definitely a movement. While many of these are focused around atheism, many others are focused around skepticism, freethought, or humanism. I don't know that we're limiting ourselves, exactly. We are trying to focus on the few things that really matter.

As for stopping the theist from indoctrinating their kids, I think the only way we can do that is to change the popular culture so that fewer of them are indoctrinated. We can try to protect children with secular laws. That said, it's not the place of an advocate to step between a parent and their children.

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