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On ethics

As an atheist I do not have an enchanted view of the world. I see and rad too often atheist articles and treatise on why we should care and be moral or at lest ethical. I have no desire to have kids and I really have no desire for other people. I rarely have empathy for others and the death of people rarely raises a tear. It seems odd to me to be afraid of death or to morn something so obviously determined to happen. Of course, there are those, especially so-called atheists who make emotional appeals why I am unethical (whatever that means) or am a psychopath. I am also an anti starlit and nihilist. So, what is your point? To me ethics is one big fallacy that appeals to pity more than logic-- as if logic gives us any answers. I think appealing to evolution on why we should be ethical is a naturalistic fallacy and does not really matter. I simply do not care about my fellow human beings and there is no reason why I have to, unless fear is a logical reason to be. It is fear that makes us moral and ethical not because it is right or wrong. Besides, I have read numerous posts on these message boards and I must say the ethics of dealing with poeple on message boards clearly in not much of a concern to most people. Unless, ridiculing and being sarcastic does not count. If anyone out there has a good reason why I should care without appealing to fallacies like fear and pity by all means please educate me.

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