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Atheist Experience Getting A Bit Boring

I have been a long-time listener since the beginning of the podcast days (2005). However - I've noticed that the hosts of the show seem to be suffering from either burn out or boredom themselves. They're allowing people with basically nothing intelligent to say take up more time than necessary. I wish they would quickly wrap up "nonsense" calls and get to calls that are more to the point and on topic.

Also, talk about something really meaningful and interesting that atheists really want to hear about. Taking viewer calls happens too often and is just "too easy" to do. How about actually finding an interesting topic, doing a little research and talking about it each week, THEN go to viewer calls instead of having an too many entire shows dedicated to viewer calls. I don't know maybe it's just me. I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way about the show.

Please, something has to be done soon or the show will lose one (really dedicated) listener.

Maybe the hosts of the show could look at the discussions in these forums, pick out interesting recurrent topics and discuss them on the show. I think this should make the show more interesting. For example look at the following discussions:

General Discussion "If there was a God, he is EVIL"

Andrew wrote there:

"Nobody asks to be born, so we are forced to exist and try to survive even though it is futile to even try."

Recently there was a similar topic here:

General Discussion "What to tell an 8 year old about death."

So how about choosing a topic like that and talk about it on the show? The theme for the show could have a catchy title like this:

"Is it "evil" to have children?"

Or maybe the hosts of the show could have a live talk with the members of 'The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement' ( ). And discuss the issue of having children from an atheistic point of view.

I think that choosing interesting controversial topics like genetic modification, designer babies, artificial intelligence and sentient rights, animal rights and so on and talk about them should spice things up a bit and attract more followers to Atheist Experience.

I don't think it's getting boring. I don't listen as much anymore because IMO they don't seem to give the theist a chance anymore. There used to be great debates; heated and interesting debates but lately it seems like they essentially call the caller stupid and continue on with the topic of the day. I want more of the drama they used to have. Its why I always listen to the old shows where Matt would get into it with callers. Good ole days

Actually I only started coming here recently after viewing some of those good ol shows of Matt.

But when I saw the latest videos I saw half of it being taken up by long talks on a specific subject. I agree those things are interesting, but they are NOT the reason I view the show. I keep saying to myself, hurry up and get to the callers, this is annoying!

So I also agree with you MikeinSAtexas.

If I was here when this topic was created, I would have voted no don't change a thing.

I find the show SO interesting! I'm from the UK, so I grew up as a Christian in the sense that we never went to church or spoke about belief, but we sang hymns in school and had Christmas, and had a vague belief in heaven. I never really swallowed any of this (fairy stories), but became interested when I met a die-hard Christian in school who was trying to convert me. Once I looked into the claims that he was making (such as Bible holds no contradictions and is perfect - HAH!) I found it strange that an otherwise intelligent person could hold this belief despite so much evidence to the contrary. The Atheist Experience is just packed full of person after person with unshakeable belief backed up by nothing, and against the evidence that we have! It's like I'm watching the results of a twisted social experiment.

I'm a massive fan of the atheist experience - they need to keep doing what they are doing. I'd quite like it if the people that run the most powerful country in the world know how old the world is, and don't start teaching their kids in science class that intelligent design is a valid belief. I'm so glad that there is a little core of sense in the middle of so much weirdness. THANK YOU!

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