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Atheist Community of Austin
Man is a 'god' in comparison to an ape

I'm going to number my statements for quick reference (for myself and readers). 1 Word definitions were developed by a group of people. 2 A word often has more than one definition, and the user chooses the one s/he thinks is most appropriate. 3 Regarding any definition I use, we (writer and reader[s]) are a group of people determining whether the definition seems to be correct. 4 Two proposed definitions for the word 'god': 5 god - a higher-order being 6 god - a supreme being 7 supreme - superior 8 superior - greater in quantity/number 9 god (combo of lines 6-8) - a being that is greater in quantity/number 10 Among primates, man is a higher-order being than an ape. 11 Therefore, man is a 'god' in comparison to an ape. 12 Mankind as a whole is superior (greater in number) than an individual man. 13 Therefore, mankind is a 'god' in comparison to an individual man.

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