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Rejection and hate a new take?Most likely not.

I never felt rejection as hate. So, I assumed that rejection is not hate(My observation of me). I have observed that people who have been rejected do feel hated due to an unhealthy drive to be excepted. I have always been fascinated by this. And the bible mirrors rejection as hate for god often hates what he rejects. This gives me reason to agree that man created god. An anthropomorphic mistake of a misfire of the homo-duplex mind and schizophrenic scriptures. - I study philosophy, religion, politics, psychology; not because I value it, but because people think it has value. The only thing of value; in my opinion; is truth and lies for they are constantly discovering each other. Am I wrong in this view? Does this strike an accord of similar observations of other atheist?I apologize if this seams discursive.

There are linguistic nuances in biblical interpretation of "hate". "Hate" in the Bible often means rejection or "loving less than something else" - just expression of a degree of preference. This article has a good comment on it, if you don't mind reading a religious web site.

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