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Funny yet Frightening website

Hey guys, just started downloading your podcast and am enjoying greatly.

Thought I'd send you this link...It's scary, crazy religious people saying, what I find to be, some pretty funny things.

My favorites are the "Mansions in Heaven" and "What would they say today" sections under "Photorama". In all, many hours of hilarity. Also many hours of concern that people actually believe this stuff.

Thanks for the great show and turning me on the ACA. My family and I getting ready to relocate to Austin, so we may turn up at a future event.

God Bless (ha ha ha)


For atheists, it's funnier than it is frightening. OR not frightening at all.

The frightening part is that there is such a large group of people believing this stuff.

...are you being sarcastic or serious? - I don't know what to say.

I'm a christian and even i don't know how to respond. he be spooky.

You think that site is frightening, check out these two related sites:


You talk about bat shit crazy! This guys wants a national Christian state-supported church, he wants to make it illegal for atheists to speak out against religion, and he has a chart detailing how the "atheist influence" will lead to human extinction (

It seems his ministry is starting to pick up steam as his arguments and logic get worse and worse.

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