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Christian Farmer links seed patents to the Anti-Christ

Most of what Michael White says sounds like the ravings of the typical Bible-Belt lunatic but the fifth paragraph reveals his baser motives. But then, again, it's still true to his type.

It's sad the the local paper in a city like Huntsville, home NASA's Marshal Space Flight Center and a high concentration of highly educated rational people promotes such nonsense.

The creation of seed-sterilizing technology called Terminator was the solution to a seed company's problem. It started over pest resistant seeds that farmers bought. They had to sign an agreement not to use the seeds from their crops. The farmers would have to buy the pest resistant seeds every year if they wanted abundant crops. However, there were problems enforcing this requirement. This lead to the development of the sterilized seed. Imagine the money that was spent to develop the biotechnology to develop a sterilized seed. If it weren't so fiendish it would be funny. Extinction and sterilization out of greed is not that different from developing copycat drugs (out of greed) instead of doing research to find cures for known or new diseases.

The religious right and the conservatives denounced Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring,' which was a passionate indictment opposing the rampant use of DDT and pesticides. She was concerned about the disastrous affect pesticides were having on the environment. She was trying to get the attention of the public that there was a danger to the ecological equilibrium. She wanted to stop the rampant use of pesticides, and find another way to control insects/pests. She was trying to make people realize that birds, butterflies, bees, fireflies, ladybugs, and crickets all insects have an important role in nature and on this earth.

There are concerned ethical scientists who are protesting the sterilization of seeds. Corporate greed and corporate scientists have brought on (seed sterilization.) It has become the focus of grass-roots protests. Some fear that pollen from plants could drift in the wind and cross with ordinary crops or wild plants, and spread from species to species. Activist groups like Rural Advancement Foundation International are using the Internet to rally opponents, urging them to flood the U.S. Department of Agriculture with letters of protest. The USDA and Delta and Pine Land have filed Terminator patent applications in dozens of countries. In many of those countries farmers can't afford to buy top-of-the-line seeds every year and must rely on saving a portion of each crop in order to plant their fields the following year.

I don't think the issue is any different from the development of Nuclear Power or Fossil Fuel for sources of energy. They are dangerous and disastrous to the environment. I hope the farmer doesn't think the sterilized seed is the only dooms day issue; along with the sterilized seed is a much more likely dooms day threat, Nuclear Power will be the end of us long before the sterilized seeds get us.

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