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hunting men for Jesus (military related)

just got this in an email

Lukas Rybak,

Separation of Church and State groups are concerned about nominated Army Secretary.

Why did Obama choose John M. McHugh for this position? A person whose positions suggest that he may not oppose the endorsement of a specific religious belief or religious coercion in the Army. Does Obama think that the Religious Right will vote for him. They won't, but those who are for separation of church and state won't either. I will vote for any third party candidate who supports Separation of Church and State, next time.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State asked the Senate Armed Services Committee to question McHugh about his views on religious liberty and the rights of religious minorities. As a member of the House, McHugh repeatedly voted for or cosponsored proposals that would undermine the wall of separation between church and state. Organizations that advocate the separation of church and state are concerned about President Obama's picking McHugh, as Secretary of the Army. John M. McHugh, a five-term Republican from New York, has a voting record that shows he is no friend to religious liberty. His voting record raises serious questions about his understanding of the constitutional restraints on government in matters of religion. McHugh has supported numerous bills and legislation to allow the display of the Ten Commandments on public property. He supported efforts to put prayer in public schools, including a famous "Istook Amendment" that would "essentially gut the Establishment Clause." Obama has appointed someone who lacks the basic understanding of the First Amendment's protection of religious liberty through separation of church and state.

There are well-documented controversies over religion in the military. McHugh's voting record indicates that he does not appreciate the crucial role church-state separation plays in protecting the rights of every soldier.

This is going on right now.

I read on BBC about biblical passages being written on eyesights of rifles purchased by us/uk army. Tirjian? I believe is the companies name.

Seperation of church and states in the military always seems to be an issue.

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