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Atheist Experience
Intro Music on the Atheist Experience

Please forgive me if I suggest something already aired, or previously suggested, as I have only viewed/listened to about fifty shows. It is my intention to completely experience the complete Experience by the end of this year; however, I can't help but jump the gun by commenting on the subject of Into Music.

Rather than just sending an email that recommends a great tune for an intro, I presume that others have come across appropriate music that they would like to share; not just for the show, but for reciprocal edification, enlightenment, and enjoyment.

I'm not saying that religiously inspirational music cannot be inspirational, mind-bending, and breathtaking, but its religious theme is not the source of its goodness. This is also true of secular or Atheist/Agnostic laced music; just because a tune is relative to our world view does not make it worthy of praise.

To make a long story short (too late), I would like to recommend XTC - Dear God. It is spectacular is composition, message, and coolness.

XTC - Dear God

PS Ave Maria

I watched XTC Dear God on youtube, it was great. Now if you want a powerfull pro-Atheisim song try Disturbeds Deify. It is a bit on the heavy side but its great. You can view it on youtube with subtitles, just search (disturbed deify with subtitles).

That one was pretty good. Music is my food. I tend to favor a more relaxing music. Like this one...

"All Religion is Evil" - by Deek Jackson

"I Ain't Afraid" by Holly Near

Just click on the Play MP3, and it'll pop up in Windows Media Player. The lyrics are below the play button. This one is in all English, but I heard it first as a cover band that did different verses in Hebrew and Aramaic.

Holly's sounds great, but there's something about knowing Faith-Heads of different languages can understand it, that makes me like the other a bit more.

"I Ain't Afraid" by The Klezmatics from their album "Rise Up! Shteyt Oyf!"

Just click on the ear in the box that reads 'listen,' and it'll pop up in Real Player.

It's hard to beat an original, but if it can be done, then the second one does it.

The following songs are by RaTio (with an x through the capital t cross);

Pink Unicorns The God Delusion Propagation I'm An Atheist

An Australian band with a 'the Cure' sound. Pink Unicorns is perhaps their best, but their other tunes are cool. Pink Unicorns has great lyrics, with a classic Pachelbel influence. A great quote from it, "…there are a million things that I have no reason to believe in…"

Pink Unicorns will start playing when you arrive on their sight. Once it finishes, it will automatically skip to the next three tunes.

And this is their Band Website, with many more Atheist inspired tunes;

This is "NO GOD" by the Radical Atheists.

While this is a You Tube video, their sight has "No God," as well as several other 'inspirational' video-tunes, including (but not limited to);

General Petraeus (send our children off to die) Christ's Revenge (George Bush's Bane) Allah and Blah No god

The sound on the other three could be better.

"Thank God I'm an Atheist!" JellySide Downe

Sang to the tune of 'Thank God I'm a Country Boy!"

"Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis" by Eric Schwartz

This is Eric's MySpace Page. On the Right is a player with three of his tunes;

Clinton Got a Blowjob Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis Huston We Have A Problem

If you like visuals, then here's a link to his video, which has a slightly different tempo and Eric's happy costumes, props, dances, and facial expression. It's worth watching.

For this tune and more, check out,

Here's 2 good ones,

god's away on business - Tom Waits

My two favorite lines from this are: "I'd sell your heart to the junkman baby, for a buck. For a buck." "There's always free cheese in the mousetrap. It's a deal."

Chocolate Jesus - Tom Waits

Chocolate Jesus Lyrics: Dont go to church on sunday Dont get on my knees to pray Dont memorize the books of the bible I got my own special way Bit I know jesus loves me Maybe just a little bit more

I fall on my knees every sunday At zerelda lees candy store

Well its got to be a chocolate jesus Make me feel good inside Got to be a chocolate jesus Keep me satisfied

Well I dont want no anna zabba Dont want no almond joy There aint nothing better Suitable for this boy Well its the only thing That can pick me up Better than a cup of gold See only a chocolate jesus Can satisfy my soul

(solo) When the weather gets rough And its whiskey in the shade Its best to wrap your savior Up in cellophane He flows like the big muddy But thats ok Pour him over ice cream For a nice parfait

Well its got to be a chocolate jesus Good enough for me Got to be a chocolate jesus Good enough for me

Well its got to be a chocolate jesus Make me feel good inside Got to be a chocolate jesus Keep me satisfied

Voltaire - Evil (with selected video cuts from the Lord of the Rings trilogy)

As Atheists are often considered Evil, this would make a nice intro tune for an "Evil Atheists" show, such that; let's look at all the good works of Atheists and where they fall in society (ex: Christian population = circa 75% while making up circa 75% of the prison residents, by contrast to the Atheist population = circa 10% of the population but only 0.2% of the prison residents).

You know, stuff like that. Anyways, I gots gypsies on both sides of my family, so when I heard this I thought Voltaire was a modernist doing folk music, much like the Squirrel Nut Zippers do all that Jazz. But really, Voltaire is a Goth Musician; but that's okay-doe-kay with me because the music is groovy.

Hey, Allan! Where you at?

Jimmy Buffet, from his FruitCakes CD, has a few songs that deal with religion. Anyway, I didn't think about it until the "Arkansas is dead to me" episode reminded me of Apocalypso...

Apocalypso They say this universe is bound to blow But I say we crank up the calypso control Apocalyp, apocalyp, apocalypso

Now I'm no dancer as dancers go But this is one step that you need to know Apocalyp, apocalyp, apocalypso We'll be dancing when we go

Planets come and planets go Apocalypso Undisturbed the dancers flow Apocalypso Old galaxies can be cold So I'll hold you close When this earthly light is burning low This dance will take you to the next plateau

Apocalyp, apocalyp, apocalypso We'll be dancing when we go We'll be dancing when we go

Planets come and planets go Apocalypso Undisturbed the dancers flow Apocalypso

Yes we'll ride that final tide Apocalypso Gone away just yesterday Apocalypso

"God Thinks" by Voltaire

"What God Wants God Gets" Part I "What God Wants God Gets" Part II

by Roger Waters (the best thing that ever happened to Pink Floyd)

Maybe they've used this one but... Bob Dylan's Highway 61. "Well God said to Abraham 'kill me a son'. Abe said 'man you must be puttin' me on'. God said 'no'. Abe said 'what?'. God said 'you can do what you want, Abe, but the next time you see me comin' you better run'." Etc. I love this song.

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