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Atheist Experience
Lloyd Pye

I was wondering if the Atheist Experience ever touched on Lloyd Pye's theory of life. He wedges between creationist and Darwinist saying that they are both wrong and believe its something else.

I read a bit of Pye's stuff. It actually is pretty convincing. he theorizes that a lot of the sightings of Bigfoot, Yeti, and the like are evidences of another branch of evolution than ours. That neandertal is separate from us as well, and that remnants of several branches of alternate hominids are hiding out in areas inhospitable to us. It was all fascinating and held together quite well UNTIL he decided that he needed Sitchin's bs to complete his theory. I'd like to see some scientists evaluate his claims without delving into Sitcin' bs theories. I watched Pye's videos on Youtube.

Pye In the skye is me, I just didn't know that the first line was for name (didn't read) most sites have the first field for a title., so I naturally thought that's how it was here. sorry. Still wish someone would l still wish that someone would look at this video and tell me what they think. It's on youtube

i do not mean to commit the fallacy of appealing to authority but sometimes it is not a fallacy.According to his website, he has a degree in psychology (no specialty or practice noted) and is an Army vet. I am not saying one can not pose logical arguments and need expertise to criticize the existing paradigm, but his qualifications should call into question his "theories". He is not a physical or paleoanthropologist, therefore he can question, criticize, and lecture to the ignorant masses all he wants, but he is not qualified and credentialed. Therefore, why take him seriously?

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