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Atheist Experience
Foolish Atheists (show:563)

Greetings Guys,

PeeWe...P_Wee...PeeeWeee? No, PeeWe...Patrick, a.k.a., was an interesting caller (verse:563). You guys shouldn't take advantage of the simple. But then, maybe he's just lonely. I thought about sending him a nice email to counter all the crap-pies he's going to receive, but I try to keep my interactions with crazy people limited to my family.

I'm a big supporter of free speech. It's my "opinion" that everyone should see or hear something they find offensive everyday, just to keep those sacred muscles limber.

The only 'stage' that PeeWee's lawsuit could possibly have against the makers of the bumper sticker (April 1st: Atheist Day...the fool hath said in his heart there is no god) would be if an atheist coalition has already established an "Atheist's Day," with government tax-slips and everything. Such that, the Xian Bumper Sticker (April 1st) would be confusing the target audience of the Coalition, thus costing them financial revenue.

The Christian Lady, EVE, was a hoot. After watching over a hundred episodes, I've stared to roll my eyes when a caller starts with, "you say your an atheist, so you don't believe in anything." But happily, this lady was particularly funny. Eve didn't understand a single answer to the problems she threw at you. Hell, I'd wager that she doesn't even understand her own argument.

I loved Banana jokes. I laughed forever! I guess I laughed because I'm a fan of sin. "So, Pshaw."

And yaw'll did right disconnecting the caller after her (Billy). He was a buzz kill.

Sinisterly, Green Magi

I just read an article by Ray Comfort on World Net Daily ( about Patrick and the wonderful response from the ACA and friends. You guys make me proud. If you haven't seen the article, definitely check it out!

Is it true that he made a complaint to the FCC about the show? I was mildly curious.

Ray Comfort stretched the truth in a few places. (Big surprise.)

Our position on the issue is merely that of defending the constitution (yet another aspect of the first amendment). Ray doesn't seem to know it exists.

The FCC doesn't regulate cable access channels, so Patrick's silliness there was little more than bravado.


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