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Atheist Experience
Now that you guys have a wider audience.

Now that you guys have a lot more viewers, I think you should do another show on Scientology. It would be interesting to see if a Scientologist would actually call in. This Cult has pretty much stopped growing, but being the liars that they are, keep reporting themselves as the fastest growing religion in the world and constantly report false numbers. This can be confirmed through the National Census.

Thanks to YouTube the public now sees what kind of people Scientology creates. Also, thanks to YouTube, videos about Scientology and other controversial subjects will soon be very difficult to find because they are going to start hiding videos so they do not come up in a search, which will be the death of the company.

YouTube was under fire a while back for deleting videos that criticized Scientology and now I would have to believe that this is just another tactic used to supress Free Speach.

Greetings Anonymous,

Now that they have a wider audience, I would suggest that "They" 'bust-a-move' to a prime time show. I'm sure they'd be a smash hit, if only for the controversy. Imagine the good that would be done from broadcasting this show coast to coast across America. Plus, the quality of calls would go up tremendously! Currently there are far too many Atheists calling in. With a little call screening, they could tear apart all the religious arguments.

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