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Atheist Experience

I'm just watching #547 (, arrived at 36:47, and again... after some conversation, it finally all comes down again to "Do you have any evidence for it?" - "It's baysickly a faith." Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

I think there could be one or more flowcharts for many calls. Some are different, so there could be more than one flowchart, but maybe you could combine them. Anyway, you might have a big impact on the caller and on the viewers if at the end of the call you could kinda say: "Ok, that was flowchart #4. You can look those up on dubyadubyadubyadotatheistETC" because that would more strongly express that many of those people are, regarding their religious beliefs, arguing/thinking/communicating on *such a low, inexperienced* level that this alone invalidates their claims. Because if you dig in deep enough, they can't keep up, so the communication was meaningless. Again.

<!chant>Flowcharts! Flowcharts! Flowcharts!<!/chant>

This is a great idea. If I had enough attention span, I'd do it--or at least some--myself

That would be a bit condecending wouldn't it? The point isn't to make fun of the caller which this comes rather close to.

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