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Atheist Experience
'America is Christian, Muslim, Hindu, & NONBELIEVERS'

I was amazed when President Obama included "Non-Believers" in his speech.

Perhaps a new age has dawned...

That was nice, I'll admit.

I was annoyed that Judge Roberts had him swear to uphold the Constitution "so help me God" when Article 6 of the Constitution prohibits this sort of religious test of public office. The irony was pretty thick. It would have been fine if Obama had said "So help me God" on his own.

I must agree 100%. I would love to see a President swear in without the xian bible or the public declarations of religious faith. I had heard that the subject was actually up for debate at one point, which is encouraging.

I'd have no problem with a president that believed in the literal story of Noah's Ark, and all the other far-fetched stories, so long as he/she never mixed religious belief into the public forum.

Actually, that's a lie, I would have a problem with it because it would imply we had a leader that didn't give considerable reflection to outrageous propositions.

Anyway, it's one small step for "Non-Believers."

And why do you suppose he didn't say "Atheists/Agnostics." I'd lay money down that it's still a "Dirty Word' to the masses.

I forgot the Jews in my statement above. Oops!

"America is Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, & Non Believers."

This article talks about the heat that President Obama is taking over his inclusion of "non believers" in his speech.

I tried to cut and past the beginning of the article here, but it registered as spam. It's worth reading. There's also a few nation wide polls attached.

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