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Atheist Experience
Christians trying to convert grandmother!!! HELP!

My grandmother has really lost it and the people that are taking care of her are trying to convert her at the last minute! Also found some christians propaganda with my name on it at her place.

Trevor, Howdy! Sorry to hear that some Christians are doing what they love to do best, convert people who are vulnerable at the time. Well if you want to get involved, I'd say just approach it as what it seems like. You feel that she needs some protection from harrassment from people for what seems to you to be a dangerous idealogy. Obviously they're going to reject the idea that there's anything wrong with Christianity, so you've got to educate them a bit. It might also help to bring an Atheist friend with you, assuming that you're an Atheist. :o) Hey e-mail me directly if you want. I've had experience with Atheists in this position.

Joe Zamecki ACA Member, Advertising Chair

im a christian, and i consider myself quite open minded, more open minded that most people anyway.

you talk about educating people., eduate me, and ill try show you were you misunderstand christianity, its not about educating people, because if you try take a christian on in a argument about the bible, most christians liberal or w.e. will have an answer.

im willing to listern to your view, take your best shot.

Having an answer does not mean that it is the correct answer. You are the one making claims not the atheists. Atheists do not believe the claims about any god. If you have some proof of your claims you are the one that should be presenting it. That is what Darwin did - he presented his theory of evolution for anyone to disprove if they could do it - and after 200 years nobody has.

I do not have the burden of proof here. You are the one making the claims and you should be presenting the facts.

They are not Christians, but "Christians". You get what I'm trying to say?

That's what's wrong with most of Christians today.

Trevor-- you do not say what the relationship is between your grandmother and the people trying to convert her. are they relatives? or are they care workers hired by her? or do they work for another family member? do you think these people might be trying to get your grandmother to change her will? these sorts of things do happen. you may want to talk to your parents or other family members if you think caregivers are taking an unhealthy interest in your grandmother.

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