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Atheist Experience
Alex Jones called in?

I seem to remember watching a clip of AE on YouTube where Matt was talking about how Alex Jones called into the show a couple of times in the early days (and on one occasion tried to disguise his voice), and I was wondering whether anyone else was aware of this.

Can anyone point me to the episode numbers?


Alex Jones has reached by telephone more than one episode of Atheist Experience.

During one episode a few years ago, Alex used a a pseudonym, possibly "Peter". The call screener did not immediately recognize "Peter" as Alex, only that "Peter" rambled about quantum mechanics and consciousness. The call screener attempted to explain some basic facts about quantum mechanics to "Peter" and ended two calls after advising "Peter" that he may call again after taking a few minutes to focus his thoughts or topic. The call screener then realized that "Peter" was Alex. Alex called a third time, was a bit more focused, and was allowed on air.

Thanks for that information Mark.

Is the call which made it through to the broadcast up on YouTube at all? Is it even worth listening to, from memory? Quantum mechanics and consciousness makes me think not.

I believe that Matt was the host but do not remember the on-air discussion. I would geuss that "Peter", if that is the pseudonym that Alex gave, was slapped down. I have not listened to YouTube.

That wasn't Alex Jones I know his voice. Stop lying!!

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