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Atheist Experience
Beliving in moral = Beliving in GOD?

Hey. I love your show!. I have just one question I go to a christian school. (I don't believe in god, but for ecnomical reason I go to a christian school) and our teacher said that if you believe in Right and wrong you believe in God... Is that true? or is moral something just made up by man and without moral would we be humans?

I would call this an example of "stealing credit". Our moral sense is partially hard-wired by our evolutionary history and partially taught to us as we grow up. God is not involved in either, but it's given credit for having done something.

Believers in gods, especially the Abrahamic god of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have perpetrated some heinous atrocities in the name of their god. Check out Atheist Experience episode 549 where I discussed how religious belief can be an impediment to morality.

Kirre, your teacher not only believes in a god, but also believes in one very specific god, and in a specific time period! The teacher is being extremely narrow then when using the terms "right" and "wrong" and in saying morality comes from god. I am sure you can think of examples of how different people across the globe have different ideas on what is "right" behavior. And I am sure you could also think of how "right" behavior has changed over time within even the narrow context of your teacher's religion. Who, I wonder, would your teacher say is responsible for the change in the roles of women in his/her church over just the last 50 years? Clearly, these changes are the result of our SOCIETY EVOLVING. I do not think even like your teacher believes that a god has been updating the moral code every 25 years or so.

If a god is required to allow us to differentiate between good and evil, how do we know the god in question is good?

Differentiate means to distinguish or know the difference. If god allows us to know what is good or what is (not good) evil - how do we know god is good or evil? Well, if god allows us to know the difference in good and evil - it's pretty simple. If god is evil He allowed us to know. Actually nobody with any sense believes that crap!

What most people define as evil is insanity, and the media helps promote these ignorant misconceptions. They know that people are not demon possessed. Any psychologist worth a damn knows that there are psychopaths capable of incredible evil. They also know that there are no resources to identify these dangerous people or to get them out of society until they have done great many ghastly things. Since the 80's when Reagan threw the mentally ill onto the streets this has been a growing problem.

There are people who should be held accountable for not providing the funds for mental health and to get dangerous people out of society. They also don't know what kind of insane people are entering this country. Instead of trying to make us safe they are using a buzzword (evil) to create hysteria and stampede the ignorant hillbillies into their fanatic domes.

You never hear them call a corporation evil - they just do their evil bidding.

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