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Atheist Experience
oooo a guest!

Was wondering what others thought of the show's first guest?

Over all it seemed more like an interview than a debate. It took a while for the hosts to find a point from which to start a topic for a more back and forth discussion. The guest was a very reasonable, intelligent and caring person and the discussion was friendly, and well-mannered. The hosts and guests alike made interesting points but never did it feel like a debate.

Was this what the hosts intended? Is this what the e-mailers wanted? Personally, I was quite happy to listen to reasonable people talk reasonably. I thought both hosts did a great job of keeping the conversation moving and gently prodding the guest. But I can't help wondering if other fans of the show were wanting a bit more of the "fireworks" they have come to love from theist/deist callers.

I completely agree that the hosts were being more gracious with their theist guest then fans of the show would anticipate. Even though they didn't rip into Mr. Miller's Christian beliefs more, it was still a good interview. I'm sure that they all agreed that it wasn't going to be a debate or that they were not going to ambush him, since he did agreed to be a guest. But I think they should have allow callers in, so that we can get a chance to rip into the flaws of the theist beliefs and watch him try to swarm out of them.

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