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Atheist Experience
A Theist in the Studio

Great show this week with Kyle Miller. I personally don't agree with missionary work because of the proselytizing nature of such works, but I can appreciate someone like Mr. Miller doing things to purely help others. I am glad Mr. Miller also recognized that in his missionary work other secular organization also work alongside his organization that is not faith driven. It was excellent of him to mention Doctors Without Borders, World Food Program, etc.

I think the discussion with the problem of evil was fairly well discussed and gave a better insight in how Mr. Miller and others with his view think. What I would have pressed him on particularly is the concept of Heaven and Hell, in which Mr. Miller stated that he believe it to be real. The definition of what Heaven is and what Hell is should have been clarified. On the show, Mr. Miller had a different version of God than from someone like Jonathan Edwards, so I would ask if his version of Heaven and Hell is also different from the concepts that other Christians may have about Heaven and Hell. Again and again he mentions the separation from God, but he or the hosts doesn't clarify what that entails. Referenceing C.S. Lewis wasn't much help. Apart from "sinning", as I understand it, if a person rejects, denies, denounce, or does not favor such a God, the judgment is eternal suffering in this place acknowledged as hell. It seems very strange to me that someone would believe it was their calling to alleviate suffering in the world, but also believe in a God that allows a kind of award and punishment system that to me is demonstrably more immoral and dispenses more suffering to mankind. How is this justified by an "All loving God"? Mr. Miller seems to pick and choose only the good parts of the Bible or that he bends his interpretations so that it sounds nice and reconcilable to his mind. It's sad to see that an intelligent, caring person like Mr. Miller can talk about the dangers of cults or the right and wrong way to practices his beliefs, but is too brainwashed to recognize his own errors of logic and reasoning.

i can't help but wonder what Mr. Miller's fellow church goers thought of the show (if any watched). he did a great job, but i agree that i thought the hosts got the better of him when pointing out that "wrathful god views" were just as correct biblically as his own. and i can't help but wonder what his fellow church goers thought of the show...

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