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Atheist Experience
Astral Projection

Listening to last week's podcast right now and listening to the caller who believes in Astral Projection. I myself experienced vivid, conscious out of body experiences over the course of several years. I absolutely experienced myself leaving my bed, walking across a room, and when attempting to interact with objects in the room (like the door), realizing that I was still in bed.

Further research I've done has convinced me that what I was experiencing was Sleep Paralysis, as described here:

Even though I am sure I was conscious at the time and perceived that I was leaving my bed and moving through my dorm room, it sounds like these are straight up hallucinations. (For example, though I perceived I was traveling into the next room, I sincerely doubt I would have been able to report how many fingers someone else was holding up had they been there.)

The experience was so vivid, I am completely convinced that this sleep related phenomena/mind state is what people who claim to have out of body experiences/astral projection are actually experiencing.

Just found the show recently and I'm really enjoying it!

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