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Atheist Experience
Atheist Experience video lag

Hey people!

I noticed that since about episode 665 of the Atheist Experience, the upload that makes it to the AE front page has a very notable lag. That seems to be in the file itself, not a player or user error.

Did something in the processing change? Is there a way to counteract the effect? It doesn't appear like a horribly hard thing to fix, but on the other hand, we had these lags for several episodes now - and I can't imagine that *nobody* involved in the process ever checks if the video is working correctly.

So: Is there anything that could be done, is it blip's fault and the video is torn apart during the upload, and can I look forward to episodes with correct timing again? :D


Others have pointed this out. Yes, we sometimes do have different recording paths because our main recording doesn't work out and we use a secondary one. I'm looking into the problem. It might be happening on #668, as well....

Ah, thanks :D

I noticed that one episode (for a while) even had the video slowed down minimally, which is probably much harder to fix than just shifted Audio/Video launch. I'm glad #667 is fixed already.

And, did I mention that I'm also glad people like you exist and do all these things and so on :D

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