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What exactly is supernaturalism or in particular supernature? Why do theologians speak of it as if it is real with out it being demonstrable. According to Athen's Dictum, a theologian coming across some unknown and unexplainable phenomena in the natural world would consider it supernatural until proven to be natural. This is the mindset of these people. Naturalists always have to present good arguments and evidence for their beliefs to justify them, but theologians--even if they are wrong-- do not.

True, but it's ultimately a matter of perspective: Is a nuclear chain reaction releasing energy at the rate of several million times that of a chemical reaction 'natural', or could it be considered 'supernatural'? Is 'Action at a Distance' (look it up) 'natural'? And what in the hell IS gravity anyway?

The point is, we have no idea about a whole lot of sh!t. But attributing it as some sort of spooky, hocus-pocus probably doesn't do anybody any good or lead to any real/eventual answers to these tough questions. From a rationalist/materialist perspective, positing an "I don't know" beats making up absurdities, in my opinion.

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