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Atheist Experience
ray comfort episode

Just got done watching the ray comfort episode on YouTube. I was impressed with Matt and Russell for not hanging up and laughing for the rest of the episode after they gave evidence for evolution and ray brushed it aside, saying it wasn't evidence, that he didn't believe in evolution because he didn't have faith. It was funny and sad. It raises a larger question though. While I'm sure ray has had evolutionary theory explained to him and he's just being willfully ignorant, why do so many people not understand evolution? Why are our science classes letting so many people down on this? What can be done to fix it? We're already constantly defending the separation of church and state, and the ridiculous teach the controversy idea. I don't want to be taught the controversy I want to be taught science, of which I am woefully under educated. One other quick thing ray doesn't understgod, something I was surprised Matt and Russell didn't mention, Even if he could disprove evolution, that doesn't prove that there is a god. Anyway, enjoyed the show very much

"An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic. Self-government is not possible unless the citizens are educated sufficiently to enable them to exercise oversight." - Thomas Jefferson

An ignorant listener is required to promote misleading and deceptive ideas (meaning religious right.) In many instances the very thing they are promoting to the public goes against what is in the public's interest. That is why they do not want a highly educated public. They are more afraid of an educated public than any outside threat. They have been dumbing down the public for years. I think that they intend to use artificial intelligence in the future.

I watched this episode and was amazed. Somewhere towards the end Ray admitted the reason he got saved and Matt didn't was that he was special. I suppose Matt & Russell were just too stunned to give a meaningful reply. This is a direct contradiction of the bible that states that salvation is open and possible for all. Of course, thinking with no pressure on me whatsoever, I would have said: "So why are you so special and why are we not?" or "where is your belief that you are special, and therefore can receive this holy spirit thingy, from?" Undoubtedly he would reiterate that you must open your heart to god, whereupon I would have reiterated that I (or Matt) did. It would boil down to him denying that Matt opened his heart (something he cannot know) based on the "proof" that god didn't enter his heart. Anyway, I thought it was a significant revelation from Ray to admit he thought he was special, and that's why he believed everything. A rather elitist point of vie.

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