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Atheist Experience
Anti-Theist on Religious Training

Logical deconstruction of religious training ( Anti-theist viewpoint )


Original Sin [a] is an guilt concept inflicted on the adherent to erode their natural sense of self worth [b]. That value is then replaced with belief in an external god [c] To support this, two metaphysical ideas are established to hold the adherent hostage; Soul [d] & Hell [e].

Logic Statements

statement: a > b statement: c > a --- > inferred statement: c > b Logic: IF c = 1 (true) THEN d = !e --- > inferred Logic: IF c = 0 (false) THEN d = e

Support for the Premise;

--- Other people benefit from the investment of the adherent --- 1. Religion operates with a class system or hierarchy. 2. Religion always supports a class system or hierarchy. 3. Religion pacifies the adherents natural fear of death. 4. Adherents are trained accept authoritative hyperbole over critical thinking.

--- Logical inconsistency --- 1. All definitions of god qualify that god out of practical reality. 2. All logical arguments for the existence of god suffer a logical fallacy. 3. Anecdotal stories, Appeals to emotion, and scripture are not testable. 4. No demonstrative proof for the existence of that god.

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