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Tired of Pro-Schmarriage Guy

If you have watched the recent shows then you know who I'm talking about. Please stop taking this guy's calls. I really wanted to hear more callers talk about the abortion issue going on in Texas but this guy kept talking nonsense about gay people and marriage and incest and fallacy this and fallacy that. This has got to be his third time calling, right? The fact that he is an atheist makes all of us look bad for even being in remote agreement about something. Please don't give him anymore air time if you can avoid him!


By the way, when and where can I get a pro-schmarriage T shirt?

I agree. I will am willing to make a donation to the ACA anytime this guy calls if all the hosts promise to hang up on him within the first 10 seconds.

This is the fourth time this guy has called. He wasted 17 minutes as Charle "the Athiest Homophobe" in show #710, then he wasted 10 minutes as "The evolved Athiest" in #712,he wasted 14 minutes as "the Evolved athiest" in 713 and he wasted 10 minutes as "Truthhurts" in 714 talking about Gay incest! That's about 53 minutes he wasted over 4 shows!

I still love the show though!

I agree this guy is completely ridiculous, but atheists come in all kinds just like the christians(No autospell I meant small "c"). We have to be able to except that we have kooks...haha. He's still not close to touching the christian spectrum.

Miryam, Your spelling comment reminded me of the idiot who incessantly pretends to be an expert (to win arguments) but s/he can't spell simple words. Like the "nuclear physicist" who "couldn't find something on wikipedia" (or) the "biologist" who posted creation arguments with grossly misspelled words and claimed, "it's what atheist scientists believe". Nobody needs computer devices to correct those spelling errors since they misspelled words that most people learned to spell in elementary school. Someone else told the person that posted "the elements were encoded in Genesis" about his atrocious spelling (I think he accused us of using software) and he continued to take that out on me because I proved his theory was wrong.

Thereupon, someone saying he was raised a Buddhist posted a topic and he miraculously misspelled the very same words. Someone also found (another thread) where the Buddhist claimed that he knew more about Christianity than any other religion. He kept posting things with atrocious spelling, and he was bent way out of shape every time he was corrected. He went on a rampage all over the message board.

Miryam said, "atheists come in all kinds just like the christians". No, atheists come in all kinds, but not just like Christians. The vast majority of atheists (unlike most Christians) know that homosexuality is a biological difference (few theists agree) it's not "sin" or a "choice" and that is the biblical teaching. The vast majority of "real" atheists don't feel that it is their responsibility to admonish people for natural occurrences. It's mostly fanatics who think it's about right and wrong. Many theists don't understand it's biological. Religious teachings inspire obsessive hatred towards homosexuals and other minorities. Calling over and over again about one topic is obsessive (no matter what) and I think it indicates "a problem".

It's not unheard-of for "true believers" to get on atheist's web sites or programs and make ridiculous statements while claiming to be an atheist. For example: Pastor Gets Caught Lying for Jesus

Read this article about a theist trying to preach on an atheist web site and when it didn't work he became an atheist and posted disgusting remarks that were probably what he thought atheists were like.

It's what people are saying that matters not what they say they are. Many of them don't want to complain on an atheist message board as theists, and many of them post as atheists and theists under numerous pseudonyms and persuasions but it's easy to tell who they are. They often use the ploy "I'm an atheist" to attack atheists (because they got mad over losing an argument with an atheist who told them they couldn't spell). They try to curry favor with atheists that they think are important to gain their sympathy. One frustrated fanatic commented, "I can be an atheist too"! They think it works, and it does with people as dumb as a rock. These people are not giants.

Anyone can say anything…I'm an atheist but… is the usual opening. And they keep repeating "I'm an atheists" because if they didn't you wouldn't know it. They don't fool anyone who's very sharp.

This appalling 'Evolved Atheist' who's now called into your show twice, is quite incorrect when he makes the sweeping statement that "Marriage is a union between a man and a woman, and is accepted by the majority of people around the world", or something to that effect. The entire indigenous population of the continent of Africa, Australia and, I think, both Americas, as well as a lot of the Muslim community, practices polygamy as a fundamental part of their culture.

I know, as I grew up in a tribe of Zulus. This guy, apart from being delusional, and I suspect taking some substance when he calls up, is horribly misinformed, He needs to do a lot of reading about African culture, for a start, to find out what rubbish he's talking.

I do know that in Africa gays are totally unacceptable, and it's quite common that they're publicly put to death in the most grisly fashion. It's a very brave African who'll admit to being gay, especially among the Zulus and the Xhosas, the two main, and biggest, tribes in South Africa. One can also be publicly stoned to death for admitting one is suffering from AIDS, or has HIV, as has happened to several unfortunate Zulu women that I know of.

Okay, after today's episode I think there has to be a rule that says you have to make a cogent argument in the first 2 minutes and you only get a maximum of 10 minutes in total to talk... It's only a 60 minute show!

I think AE has now become so popular that there are thiests targeting the show to waste time and bore them off the air!

Thank you, Matt/hilda you were great , not for you looks...but because you hung up on pro-shmarriage AKA homophobe guy...etc... TWICE in one show!

And your observation about what you look like can have an effect on your acceptence on your statement was well made.

Yes! Thank you so much!

Is this guy the same Charlie of the B.A.O.A.?

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