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Atheism Vs Agnosticsm

Although dubbed the Atheist community of Austin I would argue your beliefs are more in line with agnostic atheism as you don't offer an opposed belief of theism.

Ie. I don't believe in god as there is no evidence, for it's existence. I believe in "insert scientific theory that you believe in" - Atheist

I don't believe in god as there is no evidence, and I'm yet to find a suitable theory for the idea of how existence came into being - Agnostic Atheist

I know agnosticism does not fall into the scale of theism and atheism as they are entirely black and white, but I think agnostic atheism would qualify your personal views better.

Personally I'm an apatheist, as once the "difficult decision" has been made I don't really care who's right or wrong life's too short and we only have one.

We define atheism as the lack of belief in gods. Agnosticism/gnosticism is more about what you claim to know. This topic is covered in more detail in the FAQ. I believe our definitions are consistent that other atheist groups use.

Often, when a person says they're agnostic, they're dodging the question of what they believe and offering an answer to a different question.

Atheism/agnosticism has NOTHING to do with coming up with an alternate explanation. It's perfectly valid to say, "I don't believe X, but can't offer an alternative explanation." The claim X may be clearly unsupported and not worthy of belief. The time to believe something is when there is sufficient evidence.

That said, science has made great strides into the origins question. Religions just offer their old children's stories that are clearly fables.

I would say that the atheism/agnosticism difference as it is usually framed is false.

You never could know for absolute certainty that there is no God, in the same way that you can't be absolutely certain about any fact about the reality. But one can say that one knows that God doesn't exist in the same way as one could say, "I know that Santa doesn't exist."

In that sense, I believe most of the people on the show would actually be gnostic atheists.

As much as i agree with the gnostic atheist concept, i think the term atheist is perfectly sufficient and you are wrong when it comes to not being able to be sure about God's existence, we can't prove it to the theists because they shut off and flee into the imaginary world at some point in most cases, but we can be personally 100% sure.

I am 100% sure that their made up stories are what they are.. incoherent fairy tales from people back in the bronze age.. or even before that. If there is some supernatural being then it is not something that we have any evidence for, we don't see it intervening and we don't see anything that clearly points into its direction at all.. meaning that we have no reason to believe it or even assume it exists, other than fear and imagination creating an illusion, and illusions are not a good guide for reality. . We have proof that people were brainwashed for millenia to be kept illiterate slaves and tools and that they were by all means forced to stick to the idiotic obsolete teachings from ignorant inhumane slave drivers and alike, who later were replaced by delusional indoctrinated slave drivers and alike.

On the other hand "the unknown" is... well unknown, so I can't know for sure if there is something in the realm of the unknown which would even partially fit into the concept of "God", but we have plausible explanations for most mysteries that gave people a reason to make up and also "prove" their Gods, now we know for sure that "God" is not needed for such things, even for the beginning of time and the universe, but they didn't know any of those things and simply made stuff up to entertain their brains.

So for my part I can say "the man made construct that is God" doesn't exist in reality, it is a product of imagination and indoctrination, we know for sure that the stories are not true, for many reasons, contradictive concepts and lies included, make me 100% sure it is not existent in reality, period. My logic and our knowledge makes me 100% sure that all of the uncountable made up Gods don't exist and never existed and that nobody promoting those imaginary beings has any proof or even a rational reason for their existence.

When we don't know something we should just say "we don't know" - fullstop until somebody comes up with something with proof or at least plausible evidence for whatever it is, starting with anything other than "faith" and "you are too stupid to understand" or "you will suffer imaginary pain in an imaginary place foreverandeverandever if you don't believe it and do what my book says".

Having all that said, i think i am safe to say i am a gnostic atheist when it comes to ANY God that the humans talk or even think about. When it comes to "the unknown" i guess i am an agnostic atheist, but to keep it simple i call myself just atheist, like the people in the show, that usually does it :)

ps. great point with Santa.. i like to say "You are too old for fairy tales, reality works just fine, ask Santa."

I am not 100% true about anything in reality (i.e. math and logic aside). What we can say is that the probability of their claims is infinitesimally small, and that, by their standards of evidence, they should believe innumerable contradictory claims.

No.. sorry.. only an indoctrinated brain can even try to believe what they feed it. A perfect being would sure never ask some idiots to write down his perfect knowledge and demand people to just love it and stick to its idiotic rules based on that book, even if that book is without any mistakes and makes a lot of sense, which never was the case so far. Those people are called believers for a reason, they have to believe because they have no proof. I won't believe any of such extravagant illogical claims before i get proof, so before they actually bring some, not only i don't believe it, i KNOW its bullsh!t, and when i know something is bullshit, i can say it doesn't exist. As i admitted, in the realm of the unknown, many things are possible, but after thousands of years of bullshit, as soon as somebody opens their mouth to make such a claim i can stuff a sock in it and call it bollocks and stop wasting time thinking about it.

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