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Atheist Experience
Podcast Audio Jumps Around

I'm subscribed to the podcast and in more recent episodes the audio has been jumping around back and forth throughout the MP3 file. The jumps happen at the same time, even if I play it again or re-download the file, as if the jumps are in the source file. Is anyone else experiencing this? In the latest podcast, #726, the first jump happens at 5:07 or so.

I apologize that this is not related to the subject matter of the Atheist Experience. Maybe this isn't the right place for a discussion like this. I've looked to see if the technical problems are on my end and haven't found anything to point in that direction. If I'm simply downloading a file, why would the jumps always happen at the same time?

I really enjoy the show and the podcast is the pretty much the only way I can listen. I'm thankful for any help anyone can offer.

An update: I re-downloaded it three times yesterday (Monday) and the jumping was still present. I re-downloaded it again today and it is no longer jumping around. Maybe I should set my auto-downloader to wait until Tuesday!

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