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Atheist Experience
Keep going!

I've been following the Atheist Experience series for some time now. My background is a bit different from most people living in Texas I imagine.

Studies have consistently found my country to be the happiest country in the world, but it is also one of the most irreligious. People in Denmark are very secular, and don't discuss God at all. I don't have any friends who go to church, and Christianity is not something I've readily discussed with people who surround me.

The word 'Atheist' don't carry any meaning here either. Most people don't use the word about themselves, because they tend not to even consider the question about belief in God; everyone agrees that there is nothing to it. We appreciate the traditions and sentiments surrounding Christianity, Christmas is a great way to celebrate with friends and family, and to bring us closer together - but the whole notion of getting closer to God is basically null.

Saying that, I'm still actively discussing atheism on the Internet because I can see how many problems atheists face in other countries (Especially America, and I can see how many in Texas receive the blunt of criticism). A secular society free of religious dogma and persecution is extremely important, and being able to exist in peace without persecution is as damn close to a human right as you can get. Evolution is a fact, and it astonishes me that so many people don't believe it. To discard evolution and promote intelligent design is to promote ignorance, and I value truth, reason, and scientific inquiry very highly.

So, my message is: Keep going! There are many creationists who use the argument, that without religion, a country is immoral and degenerated. I always retort: "Well, mine has consistently been found the happiest country in the world. And 70% of people here are atheists!", so I invite you to use our country as an example. Don't give up. It's achievable, it's plausible, and it's a reality for a lot of people to have a peaceful society without religious dogma and rigmarole.

Keep at it! Your country's great constitution was an inspiration to all the countries of Europe. Be proud. And if it all becomes a bit too much, take a vacation in Denmark. I've noticed that most atheists in the US are highly educated and freethinking individuals; inviting you guys wouldn't be a bad policy altogether ;)

- Martin

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