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Atheist Experience
Atheism and its inconsistent bases for morality and ethics.

I do not know why my fellow atheists on this show spend so much time trying to gain the moral high ground. As an atheist I believe there is no objective morality or ethics. I am an ethical and existential nihilist. All atheists are or at least they should be to be consistent. Absurdism only gets you so far until you realize that even if you make up your own reality it is still made up. Also, being ethical is not always grounded in logic or is being ethical always beneficial. Atheists care about reason and Truth, but they delude themselves as due theists. Yes, I include myself as well. Most of the time we care about ethics is because we are afraid of retribution, although that fear seems to fade away fast when we are angry. The other day I was reading a post on this site and someone referred slave owners as moronic. I do not understand the link between something I value or do not value with some other person's intellect. I would not call Hitler stupid for trying to rid the earth of Jews. I would question his motives, but why his intellect? Are we to assume that "smart" people or the educated do not commit crimes? If so, look at Wall Street. Consider the Joker from Dark Knight. He has no problem breaking the law and doing what he wills. My question to all the courageous people currently behind their keyboards is why are you so cowardly? We are here for a short period of time, we do not care about authority, we are not afraid of death-- supposedly, so where are your nuts? Why do you delude yourselves with bullshit fed to by a history of religious nonsense. Why should you value a dying world let alone a species destined to go extinct? If you are an atheist defending you bases for morality, then you just demonstrate the fact that you are not only an inconsistent fool, but a pussy as well.

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