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On the methodological doxastic attitude

What I mean by "methodological doxastic attitude" is an attitude I think religionists who prescribe to Pascal's Wager mean for atheists to have when under this wager. I take a cue from methodological naturalism where it is assumed that naturalism is true. I seems religionists are mistaken if they think that by granting the proposition that there is probably a god they will have access to paradise. If we are speaking of Christians, then there own Bible refutes this, because in Revelations, for example it says that the lukewarm Christian will not make it into paradise. So, even if we provisionally take this attitude we will got be granted an eternal reward, because it will be taken for granted. Secondly, there is an assumption that an atheist can choose what he or she wants to believe. A if we can just will a belief in a god into our minds. Maybe a Christian can do this but I find it kind to difficult to force myself to accept something as true when I believe it to be false. So, it seems to me that Pascal's Wage is just a misbegotten plan to mislead people into an irrational position. Hence, the "methodological doxastic attitude" is a delusion. PS. I coined this term, so do not expect it to be in a professional philosophical journal. Also, I apologize if the term is not adequate to represent what it is I am trying to elicit.

Please excuse the typos. I'll use the excuse I've been using all week for my lack of attention to detail. I'm sick! Boo hoo. Please criticize this post and respond honestly. I would like to think that I have something intelligent to offer the atheist community. Sans typos of course; )

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