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Atheist Experience
Politics/Religion Cocktail and Extreme Nationalism

Dear Atheist Experience,

I am writing from the middle east; a place where religion is mixed in politics and vice versa. I do wish that feature something relevant to the below items on one of your episodes because I believe that religion is really part of a bigger picture

What if religion ever ceased to exist in this world? Wouldn't this mean that a new layer or another form of ideology will be formed that people could be willing to follow blindly. Examples I could give are extreme nationalism or extremist members of political parties. Some people do get brainwashed with political ideology despite religion. Lebanon is an open minded but flawed democratic country; with plenty of political parties that have members potentially willing to die for their respected party. Deprogramming these people is as difficult as decoding a religious person.

Also, there are plenty of atheists in the Middle East that will probably not get a chance to speak openly anytime soon due to the fact that religion plays a solid role in politics, war, economics and society in this region. I appreciate your noble fight to ensure state and church be separated; you got to come here and see the opposite.

Many people are 'still stuck in the matrix' (you guys could use this as a metaphor, just kidding) but the fact that having people with a free mind could mean many leaders, governments, businesses will lose their value or power in our world. This means they will use all means necessary to minimize the presence and influence of the open minded, questioning individuals. My finest example would be the Middle East.

I believe that the above items do provide a vital chapter worth discussing on your show.

Sincerely, Ghaddafi

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